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Gerry McCollum

McCollum specialises in feed production and engineering related to fish farms.  He has worked for 15 years in Zimbabwe for Lake Harvest, a 5 000 tpa vertically integrated tilapia farm. He designed, built and managed the feed plant and the EU-certified processing plant.

His responsibilities covered regulatory, legislative and veterinary issues related to these plants.  He was also in charge of the sales and logistics within Africa.  Gerry brings an extensive network in African aquaculture.

Damien Legros

Legros specialises in fish breeding and fish farm management. He worked in aquaculture research centre of the University of Liège.  In 1992, he started the tilapia farm in Zimbabwe that became Lake Harvest.  He then took various assignments in aquaculture development in Africa and Latin America.

For 10 years, he headed the sales and marketing  office for Lake Harvest in Europe.  Since 2010, he has completed several contracts in aquaculture and fish marketing for EU programmes and private firms.  He is a highly respected aquaculturaist with an extensive global network in the industry.