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Spark the sustainable aquaculture industry

Creating business where there is none

We are creating economic activity where others are not.  We provide hundreds of jobs, we will create upstream and downstream opportunities for entrepreneurs.

We encourage and invest in the development of the local aquaculture industry, for example supplying our fingerlings and husbandry know-how to local fishers, helping them convert into fish farmers for better economic opportunities and improved food security.

The existence of a large vertically integrated fish farm is essential as a base from which smaller farmers can emerge.  This has been the bottle neck for the aquaculture initiatives in Africa over the past number of years.  From a developmental aspect, it’s presence is overdue.  Commercially, it is just the right time.

There exists already multiple projects in Mozambique at a community level which will benefit from our ability to supply fingerlings and feed.


Train and employ local people

Employing hundreds, training even more

The area surrounding the Cahora Bassa is poor and consists of mostly agrarian, subsistence-based land.  We actively employ and train previously unskilled workers, especially women and the youth, whose future value will be foundational in training young entrepreneurs to build a career for life.

Some of our workers are entirely unschooled.  Training them in farm work is giving them a lifeline to provide for their families.

Having a skill as a fish farmer is valuable in this environment.  We are already promoting our best employees to supervisor level. They will be extremely well placed to take advantage of schemes for small scale farmers.  Finally, as others start farming our employees can demand a premium for their skills.

As well as our employees, we will be inviting small scale farmers from other provinces on work experience.  They are already supported in this industry through government and international schemes.  Exposing them to commercial farming will open their eyes to the possibilities.  They will be our future market for fingerlings and feed.


Develop the livelihood of the community

Supporting those around us

We make direct contributions, such as financial and in-kind  support, for shared services like the local clinic, a  local school, the police, the chief, the government fisheries bodies and the administration.  We contribute to shared infrastructure, like installing a  village bore hole and building the access roads to the local village

Supporting these initiatives around us will assist Chicoa in the long term.  The synergies are clear and a win-win situation where everyone can see the benefits from our presence will stand us in good stead for the future.


Supply of healthy sustainable fish to the community

Food security and improved nutrition to millions

Our fish is a sustainable protein source, fortified with omega 3 and an important part of the nutritional profile. By selling our tilapia for a fair price, we help to overcome local child stunting.

We achieve the fortification by including specific lipids in the diet of the fish.  This makes our fish healthier, faster growing and hardier.  At full size we will be producing over ten million portions of nutritious protein.

Added to that the farm is climate resilient.  Regardless of the weather patterns, Lake Cahora Bassa will always have enough quality water to sustain our farm

Case study

Fred and Fatima Nichol run a small, commercial family-owned kapenta fishing business.

They are diversifying their business to include fish  farming to offset their erratic and declining lake catches.

The Nichols will be the first of many smaller, aquaculture farmers who we help develop in the  region and who can access markets that are not part our strategy.

Family run small commercial businesses like this can keep overhead structures low to remain competitive.

Thanks to our expertise and location, Chicoa Fish Farm will always remain the most efficient tilapia producer.  Our size will give us an economy of scale able to reach markets further away.