The Chicoa Vision

We are an innovative aquaculture business, built on Lake Cahora Bassa in Mozambique. We offer a profitable, sustainable and scaleable solution for Africa's protein deficit: both through low cost direct production, as well as acting as an industry catalyst for small scale farmers in Mozambique.

Africa's Protein Deficit

Africa is short of protein.

Since some 20 % of Africans get their protein intake primarily from fish, fish are crucial to solving this shortfall. The FAO reports that local capture fisheries, however, are in decline, and the supply crisis is compounded by Africa's rising population, which is expected to double by 2050.

This demand increase cannot be supplied by wild capture.

Converting plant-based feed into animal protein: The feed conversion ratio

The feed conversion ratio is the quantity of feed required to produce one kilogram of protein. Done correctly, farmed tilapia requires 25 % less feed than the next best commercial scale livestock production process. In pure feed-to-protein conversion, tilapia is more efficient than chicken, and vastly more efficient than other proteins such as pork or beef.

Tilapia Fish

Tilapia are the clear sustainable solution to the protein deficit

Chicoa Fish Farm - A farm site selected for long term efficiency

The farm itself is situated at the mouth of the gorge of Lake Cahora Bassa. The choice of site is unusual compared to other fish farms in the region, which are located on the edges of the floodplains.

The topography of the site means that Chicoa's furthest production cages are only 500 metres from shore. The logistics of feeding the fish, and of harvesting them, are on a completely different scale of efficiency at Chicoa.

Through our innovative farming methods, we achieve extremely cost efficient production that is environmentally sustainable, with a low carbon footprint.

An Industry First

We have developed offshore breeding as the cornerstone of our production process. This removes the need for expensive capital investment in onshore concrete ponds, and makes the entire production process independent of electricity.

A Worldwide Competitor

Through offshore breeding, careful genetic selection and sustainable husbandry practices, the farm demonstrates one of the lowest feed conversion ratios for tilapia in the world.

Uplifting the Community

The farm also partners with the Department of Fisheries and strategically aligned Development Finance Institutions to train and equip small scale tilapia farmers throughout Mozambique.

  • "I am a student at Chicoa Fish Farm where we are learning to grow and maintain fish. During this past month we have learnt a lot, such as how to treat the fry until it is big enough to harvest and take to market. Chicoa is a commercial company, so we also learn how to be competitive and why quality products are important. I am capable of continuing to develop as a fish farmer, and I am confident that I will be able to teach fish farming to others in my community." Biosse - Smallholder Trainee

  • "I am here to learn how to take care of, feed, and sell fish because this will help me and my children." Regina - Smallholder Trainee

  • "We are very happy with Chicoa Fish Farm - if all goes well we would like to be in the business of selling fish in Camanga for the good of the community. We hope to work in unity so that our businesses grow." Fernando - Camanga Community Secretary

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